Saturday, 1 October 2011


..Oooohh, it's been a while since I've been here!  Just a quick post to say will be uploading some cards pics later on.  I've started the 'dreaded' Christmas cards.  I always dread making them but once started I quickly turn it around by then enjoying doing so!

Back later x

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Not one, not two...but three cards to share

Evening all!

I have been a busy bee bee-ing (being, get it?) creative but I do get annoyed with myself for not posting as and when I have finished a card - hey ho - I should know by now that's not how it works with me ;)

On to the first card, this was my second attempt at creating an Easel Card, and I must say I am pleased with how it turned out. The papers were designed by Russ Smith and downloaded from - I liked the colours and Roses are a favourite of my Mothers' and so I thought this would be the idea card for Mother's day (UK) coming up on the 3rd April.  I added a few small bows - didn't have the colour I needed so coloured them in with my Promarker pen (mint green) - I left them to dry for a short while and then attached them to the card. I also added a few beads (from my stock) and glittered up the pattern around the edge (dark green) with my sakura Gelly Roll pen.  I hope my Mother likes it!

This second card was downloaded from  & designed by Chris Wells West.  I purposely chose this flower as the recipient of this card loves Pansys.  It was a joy to make as she is a very special lady and has been there for me many a time - this card is just a small way of showing her how much she means to me. I used my Promarker pen (Orchid) to colour the flourishes and used another of my Sakura Jelly Roll pens (lilac/mauve colour), I added a few paper flowers (purchased from The Factory) and included some blingy pearly beads from my stash.  I really like how this has turned out. I found it strangely odd liking these colours...the last time I used these colours was when I decorated my Daughter's bedroom roughly about 13 years ago!!! lol
Now this little babe, was half the size of the two above Easel cards and fitted quite nicely into a square envelope.  And, this was thrown together rather quickly as I needed to say Thank You - and this card did the job!
I found this Cyclamen flower in my stash - I had decoupaged it some time back, and then added some glaze.  I added it to a doily heart, and edged the heart with my Promarker (pink carnation), I also used Martha Stuart punch to edge the Thank you sentiment - I also coloured them in using the same Promarker.  To finish it off I added a rub-on butterfly.

Well that's it for tonight.

Mandy x

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A late post..

Just a quick post as it's rather late here! I hope all is well in bloggers world?

The card I am showing today is the one I mentioned in my previous post - the one on it's way to Canada by now!

I actually really like it - and - am really pleased with how it turned out.  I'm loving the little dress on the front!

I can't remember all the ingredients at the moment so will have to fill in on a return to my blog.

Where ever you are, stay safe & sleep well (it's nearly midnight so I expect you're all in the land of nod)

Until my next post....

Mandy :)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Well, Hello there....

Afternoon everyone!

Sorry for delay in posting this card but it's not been the best week or so for me Fibro wise.

Anyway, here is the second mono card I created - not sure if I am happy with it.  I had to play around quite a bit with it before settling with what you can see.  The main thing was that the young lady who ordered it was happy with it so that counts big time!

I've also made my first easel card!  Please excuse the quality of the photo, it was taken on my mobile phone, and in a rush too as I had just finished writing it out before popping it in the envelope to take to him.  Its another one of those pics that do not show the definition ~ but, I was quite pleased for my first attempt!  I purchased the football image from Gordon Fraser @  It comes in handy as I have lots of football dudes in my family and it suits most age ranges too.

My next project I have is for me to create black & red card - another request, and this one, when complete, will be finding its way over to Canada!  I will post a picture.

Last but not least, I am posting another card that I made for my Daughter's friends birthday.  This card was a challenge in itself for me because it had to be a 'less is more' card - and I am more of a 'more' gal when it comes to making cards - lol - anyhow, my Daughter was really pleased with the result and I must admit, I was too.

I printed the papers from my paper kit from card making world and then clear emboss the flowers and part of the swirly stems.  I cut out one of the flowers and then another flower shape from black and then white paper...and attached them together with glue dots.  I stamped the happy birthday text & added that to black, then white paper.  I added a few tiny gems to the middle of some of the flowers and used my sakura glitter pen to fill in the middle of the other flowers.  The photo below will show you some of the definition but doesn't pick up the embossing too well.  It did look lovely when finished, and even my Son (who is not interested in card making) commented and said how nice it was, and how nice if felt when he ran his hand over the embossed flowers ...haha!

Well, that's it for now.  I'm off to catch up with some inspirational blogs.

Until the next time...

Monday, 7 February 2011

Mono card is here...

 Well, here it is, well one of the two (2nd mono card is still a working progress - will post when finished) mono cards I've created. I kinda like it. I've glittered up some of the dots on the  paper used, not sure if you can see from the photo.  I had to make some of the flowers & leaves myself.  There's a shortage in the black & white flower dept! 

As you can see, I have added another photo showing how I had decoupaged the flowers. Excuse the photography but I think you get the gist of it..

Te papers I used were from Papermania, I used a Martha Stewart Daisy Lace strip across the card and added a edged stitched organza ribbon on top of that.  I used a velvet black dress topper - which is gorgeous and so tactile..the bodice is glittered & the skirt is a Marabou feathered skirt - (it was purchased from ebay so can not tell you who made it). The topper sits on top of two oval scalloped die cuts.  I added a ' happy birthday' using a Hero Arts stamp.  So there you go, how'd I do? C'mon, I can take

ALSO, something fantastic arrived in the post this morning!!!!  *excited* - my Promarkers!!!  
So excited (can you tell), I can't wait to try them out but gotta get other 'stuff' out of the way first so I can sit down and play!!  Did I mention how excited I was?? lol.  I don't know that I'll be as good as so many other ladies & gents that use them in their card making but I'm gonna give it a go...any excuse to bring the child out in me!

I've been toying (toiling?) with an idea.  It's been going round my head for a while and I kinda want to do it but not sure.  I'll explain what it is, and what my dilemma is.  I so want to start a mini craft club up in my area.  I have done lots of research and can't find any card making clubs in my area.  I don't want to exactly teach card making, but more like, to share in the enjoyment of a group of people getting together and doing something they enjoy.  I'm happy to open up my home (or dining room) to craft around the table, have coffee and tea and cupcakes made by my Daughter - and other yummies made by me.  I am going to suggest to start that people may want to bring their own crafting products etc but for those never having attempted before but would like to try (how can they NOT having card making in their lives?) lol - I have lots of stash that I don't mind sharing.  I haven't got EVERYTHING that I possibly THINK I I have the basic and a bit more, have a bit of experience and the ambition to learn more from others too...basically, to share and have a fun, crafting morning.  My dilemma isn't how to go about it but, well, due to having this unpredictable syndrome; Fibromyalgia - I'm worried to start a commitment and then having to let people down if I have a bad flare up?  I hate the thought of letting people down :/  I must add, I am beginning to manage better and have a better understanding of myself and how it affects me - and since trying acupuncture there has been an improvement in my pain levels.  So, there you have it, hubby thinks I should go for it, my Daughter too...I so want to try it ( I may not even get a response from anyone wanting to try it yet lol) advice?

I'm listening....

Thanks for stopping by - feel free to leave a comment, advice etc...

...right, off to finish my other card & then visit some crafty blogs...

Take care :)

PS: My Daughter Hayley's cupcake blog (her & her friend Kirsty make them)

drop by & say hi :)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Oh aren't I bad....

Hi everyone - well, all six of you (but that's ok, I can handle people in small doses! ;) 

..really I am bad at this blog thingy...I have all good intentions but the days pass so quick and I don't get to craft as much as I want due to my fibromyalgia and other stuff.  On the good side of things, I do want to make changes but you know how it is, habits take 3 weeks to create...I just need to give the changes 3 weeks in the first place! lol

anyway, here is another card I made recently, this was for my lovely little niece...I enjoy making cards for children, as love all the bright colours and maybe it just brings out the child in me!

I do have more cards to add, but I'm using my laptop at the moment and most of my card pictures are loaded on the desk top PC...I know, I know, why didn't I just go and upload from there...yep, that's what I was just asking myself lol

I have two card projects to make today - by request...and they both are to be in monochrome - I'm glad I like working in black & white and am quite excited to see what I come up with!  I will post the finished cards on here!!

Hope you're all (all 6 of you!) having a good day!

'See' you soon,

Mandy :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

I know it's January but, here's some belated pictures of my Christmas cards I made!

 You'll have to excuse the photo's all over the place.  Haven't worked out yet how to place them where I want them!

I have a thing about monochrome cards - I just love them! I love adding a single dose of colour too- along with some decoupage. I was pleased with how these cards came out after a little arranging 'here n there' until I was happy with how it looked.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Card

This creation was made as a request. It so happens that I lovely glitter, bling and pretty pink so I was in my element creating this card! I was so happy that my recipient loved the card too!

I am back to crafting on a regular basis but not back to blogging on a regular basis. I plan on changing that! I read so many craft blogs and enjoy all the creations I see - I just wish I was confident in what I make and was less critical too. My family know me so well, and tell me that they will only say once that the think my card is they only need to tell me once! They are also kind enough to say that a card isn't so good. I love my family! haha

Okay, I have made a start...let's see how long it takes me to post again. I do need to sort out all my card pics as I have them loaded on both my desk top and Lap top. I need to either have copies of all on one OR use EITHER lap top or desk top to load creations on to! Oh I do confuse myself!

So, here goes....


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

pics added

...not much to add in this entry - still no pics of invites yet :-( BUT I have added some pics of cards I have made. You can find them on the left of the page.

I have started making some Christmas cards, I know lots of crafters that have started to make their cards way before now; that's me all over, leave it until I get pushed for time lol

I have a few October birthdays so I need to get my crafting fingers out and get a move on lol

Anyway, that's it for to drop Hayley off as she is out to the pictures tonight!


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I'm back to crafting

Ok, we are now settled into our new home :-) I've worked hard making it our own. Hubby has done his fair share of the manly work LOL ( and he's done a good job too!)

So, from this week I have got myself back into card making - it's not been a willing transition I can tell you. I've been pushed back into it by my sister lol. She needed help with making her christening invitations and what with having 5 kids (her, not me) and always running around like a headless chicken - I offered my services; which meant; having to face the hoards of sealed boxes consisting of my craft bits and bobs. So one afternoon last week I tackled the much needed job of sorting and organising where everything is to go. I must admit, and with thanks to my sis (thanks sis) that I am happy with how my craft space is all set up. I'm also pleased with the invitations too. I haven't got any pics of them yet as my darling daughter has taken (MY) the camera away with her!

So, as soon as I can get a pic I will upload here on my blog.

Oh, and in answer to some peoples questions regarding Hayley - SHE IS IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!

:-) :-) :-)