Monday, 21 February 2011

Well, Hello there....

Afternoon everyone!

Sorry for delay in posting this card but it's not been the best week or so for me Fibro wise.

Anyway, here is the second mono card I created - not sure if I am happy with it.  I had to play around quite a bit with it before settling with what you can see.  The main thing was that the young lady who ordered it was happy with it so that counts big time!

I've also made my first easel card!  Please excuse the quality of the photo, it was taken on my mobile phone, and in a rush too as I had just finished writing it out before popping it in the envelope to take to him.  Its another one of those pics that do not show the definition ~ but, I was quite pleased for my first attempt!  I purchased the football image from Gordon Fraser @  It comes in handy as I have lots of football dudes in my family and it suits most age ranges too.

My next project I have is for me to create black & red card - another request, and this one, when complete, will be finding its way over to Canada!  I will post a picture.

Last but not least, I am posting another card that I made for my Daughter's friends birthday.  This card was a challenge in itself for me because it had to be a 'less is more' card - and I am more of a 'more' gal when it comes to making cards - lol - anyhow, my Daughter was really pleased with the result and I must admit, I was too.

I printed the papers from my paper kit from card making world and then clear emboss the flowers and part of the swirly stems.  I cut out one of the flowers and then another flower shape from black and then white paper...and attached them together with glue dots.  I stamped the happy birthday text & added that to black, then white paper.  I added a few tiny gems to the middle of some of the flowers and used my sakura glitter pen to fill in the middle of the other flowers.  The photo below will show you some of the definition but doesn't pick up the embossing too well.  It did look lovely when finished, and even my Son (who is not interested in card making) commented and said how nice it was, and how nice if felt when he ran his hand over the embossed flowers ...haha!

Well, that's it for now.  I'm off to catch up with some inspirational blogs.

Until the next time...

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  1. Nice to see lots of cards in a post, Mandy, you have been a busy bee. I love your phrase that you are more of a 'more' gal, he he, can I borrow that phrase sometime?

    Your cards are great, you'd never guess it was your first easel, even with the blurry photo it looks spot on. I do love the Less Is More card, you seem to be a 'less' girl too, lol.

    Hope the fibro is some better by now.