Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I'm back to crafting

Ok, we are now settled into our new home :-) I've worked hard making it our own. Hubby has done his fair share of the manly work LOL ( and he's done a good job too!)

So, from this week I have got myself back into card making - it's not been a willing transition I can tell you. I've been pushed back into it by my sister lol. She needed help with making her christening invitations and what with having 5 kids (her, not me) and always running around like a headless chicken - I offered my services; which meant; having to face the hoards of sealed boxes consisting of my craft bits and bobs. So one afternoon last week I tackled the much needed job of sorting and organising where everything is to go. I must admit, and with thanks to my sis (thanks sis) that I am happy with how my craft space is all set up. I'm also pleased with the invitations too. I haven't got any pics of them yet as my darling daughter has taken (MY) the camera away with her!

So, as soon as I can get a pic I will upload here on my blog.

Oh, and in answer to some peoples questions regarding Hayley - SHE IS IN REMISSION!!!!!!!!!

:-) :-) :-)


  1. Hi Millie! Ooh, you're a crafter too! If you need some mojo/inspiration/challenges, we would love you to join in with our weekly challenge...


  2. Hi Millie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog & your lovely comments. It is always nice to meet fellow FM sufferers & especially those who craft..but to be fair I don't think there are many FM or ME sufferers who don't craft!!
    I'm not following your blog so I can pop back in to see you. Take care, gentle hugs x