Monday, 7 February 2011

Mono card is here...

 Well, here it is, well one of the two (2nd mono card is still a working progress - will post when finished) mono cards I've created. I kinda like it. I've glittered up some of the dots on the  paper used, not sure if you can see from the photo.  I had to make some of the flowers & leaves myself.  There's a shortage in the black & white flower dept! 

As you can see, I have added another photo showing how I had decoupaged the flowers. Excuse the photography but I think you get the gist of it..

Te papers I used were from Papermania, I used a Martha Stewart Daisy Lace strip across the card and added a edged stitched organza ribbon on top of that.  I used a velvet black dress topper - which is gorgeous and so tactile..the bodice is glittered & the skirt is a Marabou feathered skirt - (it was purchased from ebay so can not tell you who made it). The topper sits on top of two oval scalloped die cuts.  I added a ' happy birthday' using a Hero Arts stamp.  So there you go, how'd I do? C'mon, I can take

ALSO, something fantastic arrived in the post this morning!!!!  *excited* - my Promarkers!!!  
So excited (can you tell), I can't wait to try them out but gotta get other 'stuff' out of the way first so I can sit down and play!!  Did I mention how excited I was?? lol.  I don't know that I'll be as good as so many other ladies & gents that use them in their card making but I'm gonna give it a go...any excuse to bring the child out in me!

I've been toying (toiling?) with an idea.  It's been going round my head for a while and I kinda want to do it but not sure.  I'll explain what it is, and what my dilemma is.  I so want to start a mini craft club up in my area.  I have done lots of research and can't find any card making clubs in my area.  I don't want to exactly teach card making, but more like, to share in the enjoyment of a group of people getting together and doing something they enjoy.  I'm happy to open up my home (or dining room) to craft around the table, have coffee and tea and cupcakes made by my Daughter - and other yummies made by me.  I am going to suggest to start that people may want to bring their own crafting products etc but for those never having attempted before but would like to try (how can they NOT having card making in their lives?) lol - I have lots of stash that I don't mind sharing.  I haven't got EVERYTHING that I possibly THINK I I have the basic and a bit more, have a bit of experience and the ambition to learn more from others too...basically, to share and have a fun, crafting morning.  My dilemma isn't how to go about it but, well, due to having this unpredictable syndrome; Fibromyalgia - I'm worried to start a commitment and then having to let people down if I have a bad flare up?  I hate the thought of letting people down :/  I must add, I am beginning to manage better and have a better understanding of myself and how it affects me - and since trying acupuncture there has been an improvement in my pain levels.  So, there you have it, hubby thinks I should go for it, my Daughter too...I so want to try it ( I may not even get a response from anyone wanting to try it yet lol) advice?

I'm listening....

Thanks for stopping by - feel free to leave a comment, advice etc...

...right, off to finish my other card & then visit some crafty blogs...

Take care :)

PS: My Daughter Hayley's cupcake blog (her & her friend Kirsty make them)

drop by & say hi :)


  1. Wow Mandy truly stunning card, that dress is just gorgeous, I buy things like that then don't want to use it on a card hehe. Thank you for popping by my blog and your lovelly comment. Good luck with your promarkers, I was excited when I got mine as well, Hobbycraft had a sale of them last summer, brought a few packets then hehe. Look forward to seeing your creations :)

  2. I love black and white cards, Mandy, so I def love this one! Lucky you getting your Promarkers, you will enjoy playing with them for sure.

    I so understand the dilemma of wanting to do something but not wanting to let people down if you aren't well enough on the day. M.E. is very like F.M. that way. I find I can only know on the day if I'll be well enough and can't plan ahead. Infuriating for me and not very convenient for others. Maybe start small then, with just 1 or 2 people that you can explain the situation to? Sorry, haven't got anything useful to say, just that I know what it's like. CoB

  3. Love the black and white and this cute little dress fits perfect !1

  4. Stunning card Mandy, I love that dress & all the dimension :)